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Graduate Students: Getting started

Upon admission, students are assigned a temporary advisor who will help with course selection and provide advice upon entering the program; this is typically the Chairperson of the Genetics and Genomics graduate area of concentration. The most important task for the first year of graduate school is the identification of a permanent major advisor, someone who will guide both thesis research and development as a scientist, and serve as a life-long mentor. The best way to discover if a prospective advisor is a good match is to undertake a laboratory rotation in that person’s lab. Once admitted into the program, the student will undertake a short rotation period across the first semester that provides exposure to several different labs in the department. It is highly recommended that you contact the various faculty you are interested in working with well in advance to begin a dialog about research possibilities. Continued research in any laboratory program is by mutual agreement of the Major Advisor and Candidate. Either can terminate the relationship at any time.

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