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Genetics and Genomics Faculty

Research Faculty

Leighton Core, Assistant Professor; Ph.D.: RNA transcription and processing; maintenance of cellular states; genomic techniques and bioinformatics

Kenneth Campellone, Assistant Professor; Ph.D.: Inherited diseases; genetic modifiers of disease; aging, autophagy, and apoptosis.

John H. Malone, Assistant Professor; Ph.D.: Gene dosage, dosage compensation sex determination, sex chromosomes, genome balance, and genome evolution.

Barbara Mellone, Associate Professor; Ph.D.: Genome inheritance and stability, chromosome dynamics during cell division, epigenetics.

Craig Nelson, Associate Professor; Ph.D.: Molecular biological, genetic, genomic, and computational analysis of the evolution of developmental processes and organismal complexity.

Michael O’Neill, Associate Professor; Ph.D.: Molecular genetics of vertebrate development; molecular mechanisms of genomic imprinting; evolution of genomic imprinting; genetics of imprinting and behavior.

Rachel O’Neill, Professor; Ph.D.: Genome stability; cancer genomics; genome function, evolution and remodeling; retroelements; epigenetics.

Ping Zhang, Associate Professor; Ph.D.: Drosophila chromosome structure and function; P element insertional mutagenesis; unusual transcriptional regulation of heterochromatin; Y chromosome genes required for spermatogenesis.

Teaching Faculty

Longo, Mark, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, teaches in the field of genetics, bioinformatics and RNA biology.

Spurling, Colleen, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, teaches in the field of human genetics and forensics.


Linda Strausbaugh, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.: Structure, function and evolution of multigene families; fungal communities in human health and disease; historical and forensic genetics.